Operation (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Operation (cont’d)


generator OUTDOORS and away from air intakes. NEVER run tractor
and generator inside any enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, including
homes, garages, basements, sheds, boxes, pick-up truck beds, RVs, or
boats. These spaces can trap poisonous gases, EVEN if you run a fan or
open windows.


Make sure the generator is grounded in accordance with instructions given
in “Installation / Initial Set-up section, Step 6: Grounding the Generator” of
this manual.

WARNING: Electric shock hazard

Always ensure generator is properly grounded to prevent electrical shock.

IMPORTANT: The generator must be grounded every time it is moved.


Make sure that any regular maintenance has been performed as prescribed
in this manual in the “Maintenance & Repair”


Check/add oil

Check the gear box oil level and add oil as needed.

1. First time use only: If you have not already done so, remove the temporary

shipping plug from the oil port and replace with the metal breather/oil fill
plug that is in the manual bag.

2. Check oil level using the sight mounted on the gearbox. When oil level is

even with the red dot, the oil level is correct.

3. If oil needs to be added, remove the filler/breather plug at the top of the

gearbox. Use SAE 90W gear oil to refill so that oil level is even with the
red dot. Do not overfill. Overfilling can cause the oil to overheat and cause
damage to generator.

WARNING: Burn hazard

Never open oil port while generator is running. Hot oil can spray over
face and body.


Under long, continuous-run operating conditions, be prepared to:

Check gear oil level daily.

Change gear oil monthly (see instructions in “Maintenance & Repair”
section of this manual).


1) Hearing can be damaged from prolonged, close-range exposure to the type of

noise produced by this generator. The use of ear plugs or other hearing
protection device is recommended
for persons working within 15-20 feet of
the running generator for an extended period of time.

2) Loose or dangling apparel and long hair can become quickly entangled in

moving/rotating parts. Metal jewelry can conduct electricity. Never wear
jewelry or loose-fitting clothing
such as neckties, scarves, or long-sleeved
or untucked shirts when starting or adjusting the generator. Tie back and
secure hair
close to the head.