Microwave defrosting, Convection cooking – Sharp R82STMA User Manual

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To defrost foods not included in the Auto Defrost menu, use microwave power levels
MEDIUM LOW (30%) or LOW (10% ). Stir or turn food at least 2-3 times during
defrosting. After defrosting, wrap in aluminium foil and leave to stand until thoroughly
defrosted. Refer to the defrosting charts in the Cookery Book, page 32.

To cook at 200°C for 20 minutes.

The oven cavity, door, outer cabinet, air-vent openings, turntable, turntable support, splash guard, racks, dishes
and especially bottom grill heater will become very hot, use thick oven gloves when removing the food or
turntable from the oven to prevent burns.

2. Enter the desired

temperature 200°C

by pressing the



four times.

1. Enter the time by

pressing the
10 MIN key twice.

3. Press the START/AUTO

MINUTE key to start.


• Once the oven has started you can find out the temperature you have programmed by pressing the

CONVECTION TEMPERATURE key. The temperature will appear on the display. This will not affect
the programme or cooking time.

• After cooking is complete the cooling fan will continue working for a short time to lower the temperature

of the electrical and mechanical components.

• Recipes requiring a browned or crispy underside (ie; pies, pizza and bread), should be placed directly

on the turntable.

• Small food items such as pastries or biscuits should be cooked on the low rack so as to avoid browning

too quickly.

• Joints of meat/poultry should be cooked on the low rack with the splash guard fitted on top of the turntable.
• After cooking the display may show “NOW COOLING”.

Display will count
down through the





Your oven can be programmed to cook
with ten different temperatures by
combining the top and bottom grills
with the convection fan.

The temperatures available in degrees Centigrade are:
250°C, 230°C, 220°C, 200°C, 180°C,
160°C, 130°C, 100°C, 70°C, 40°C.

• CONVECTION cooking is ideal for cooking Victoria sandwich cakes, buns, biscuits and scones. See recipes

pages 54-57.

• When using the CONVECTION facility, all metal cookware can be used. See SUITABLE COOKWARE

pages 26-27. To achieve the best results when cooking by CONVECTION, always use the low metal rack
for one layer cooking, and the high rack and low rack for two layer cooking.

• Temperature measurements taken whilst the oven is in convection mode will differ slightly from the displayed

level. This is due to the grill elements turning on and off in order to regulate the oven temperature. This will
not affect the cooking results as long as the operation manual and cook book are followed properly.


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