Cleaning & maintenance – Sharp R82STMA User Manual

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Clean the microwave oven cavity, after each
use with a mild detergent solution on a soft
cloth, pay special attention to the
waveguide cover.

Take care not to let soapy water drip through the small
holes in the oven walls and the cavity floor particularly
if the turntable and turntable support are removed.
Excess water spillage through these holes will cause
damage to the oven interior. It is important that the
door seals and sealing surfaces are kept clean at all
times, wipe regularly with a damp cloth.
Heat up your oven regularly by using both grill
elements, refer to page 11.
Remaining food or fat splashed on the oven interior
can cause smoke or a bad smell.
To prevent splashing, cover food wherever possible.

Accessories should be washed in a mild washing-up
liquid solution and dried. They are dishwasher safe.

Wipe the outside cabinet with a mild detergent solution
on a soft cloth. The control panel must be wiped clean
whilst the door is open, therefore deactivating the oven.

• Do not allow grease or dirt to build up

on the door seals and adjacent parts
as this may prevent the door from
closing correctly and may cause a
leakage of microwaves. To clean use
a mild detergent solution on a soft
damp cloth.

Keep the waveguide cover clean at all times.

If you leave grease or fat in the cavity, it may
overheat, smoke or even catch fire when
next using the oven. Do not remove the
waveguide cover.

Never use spray cleaners, oven pads or

abrasive scourers as these damage the surface
of the oven.

After Grill, Convection, Dual, Pizza, Breakfast,

Instant Cook and Auto Cook modes, the oven
cavity, door, oven cabinet and accessories will
become very hot. Before cleaning, make sure
they have cooled down.

Cleaning Bottom Grill

The grill element moves upwards enabling the
bottom of the cavity to be wiped clean. Ensure
it is cold before cleaning. After cleaning, gently
push the bottom grill down to its lowest position (See
the diagram below and on page 2).

NOTE: When cleaning oven please ensure that
bottom grill is cool.


Bottom grill element