Installation (continued), Before operation – Sharp R82STMA User Manual

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5.Make sure the power supply cord is undamaged

(See Installation next page) and that it does not run
under the oven or over any hot or sharp surfaces.

6.The socket must be readily accessible so that it can

be easily unplugged in an emergency.

7.Do not use the oven outdoors.

An installation frame is available which enables the
microwave oven to be integrated within a kitchen unit.

The microwave oven is not designed to be built above
or near a conventional oven.

SHARP recommend the use of the build in kit,
EBR-47ST, available from your SHARP dealer. Only
the use of this frame will guarantee the quality and
safety of the oven. When building, follow installation
instructions supplied carefully.

• Do not allow water to come into contact with the

power supply cord or plug.

• Insert the plug properly into the socket as the plug

may otherwise overheat and catch fire.

• Do not connect other appliances to the same socket

using an adaptor plug as it may cause the house
wiring to overheat and catch fire.

• If the plug or socket is loose or the power supply

cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a special
cord. The exchange must be made by an authorised
SHARP service agent. A defective plug, power
supply cord or socket may overheat and catch fire
during operation or cause an electrical shock.

• When removing the plug from the socket always

grip the plug, never the mains lead as this may
damage the power supply cord and the
connections inside the plug.

• The product is fitted with a re-wireable plug. Should

it not be suitable for the socket outlet in your home,
remove the plug and fit an appropriate type,
observing the wiring code on page 63.

If you wish to remove or replace the plug supplied,
ensure the plug is removed properly and not cut off.
When replacing the plug please ensure that you use a
BSI or ASTA approved plug to BS1363, this should be
fitted with a brown coloured 13 amp fuse approved
by BSI or ASTA to BS1362. If you have any doubt
about electrical connection seek the help of a
qualified electrician.

Please note both the Operation Manual and Cookery
Book supplied specify 900W (IEC 705) microwave
output power. This applies only when the oven is
operated on a 230-240V supply.

If your supply is less than 230-240V, it may be
necessary to increase the cooking time when
following the Operation Manual and Cookery Book


To wire an appropriate plug, follow the
wiring code on page 63.



Plug in the oven.
1. The oven display will flash the message shown


2. Press the STOP/CLEAR key.
3. Set the clock, refer to the next page.
4. Heat the oven using the top and lower grills without

food for 20 minutes. (For operation, see NOTES
on page 11).

Use the STOP/CLEAR key to:
1. Erase a mistake during programming.
2. Stop the oven temporarily during cooking.
3. Cancel a programme during cooking, press twice.


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