Calling for service, Guarantee – Sharp R82STMA User Manual

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• Replacement parts and accessories may be

obtained from our main parts distributor Willow
Vale Electronics Ltd, telephone numbers follow.

Manchester: 0161 682 1415

01734 876444

For your own safety, certain microwave oven
parts must be replaced by a qualified Engineer
appointed by SHARP, these are, therefore,
unavailable to customers.

• If you are unable to resolve a problem using the

checks covered on the last few pages, do not
attempt to service this microwave oven

• Contact the dealer or supplier from whom the oven

was purchased in order to obtain service. Where
this is not possible, please contact the following
telephone number: LoCall 0345 125387
(All calls will be charged at local rate).

• For general information & assistance with oven

queries, please contact our
Customer Information Centre:
Telephone: 0990 274 277.

Subject to the conditions listed below, SHARP
Electronics (U.K.) Ltd (hereafter called “the
Company”), guarantee to provide for the repair of,
or, at its option replace this SHARP equipment, or any
component thereof, (other than Glass Turntables),
which is faulty or below standard, as a result of
inferior workmanship or materials.

The conditions of the Guarantee:
1 This Guarantee shall only apply to defects or faults

which are notified to the Company, or its Service
Technician appointed by Sharp, within one year
from the date of purchase of the equipment,
provided that this Guarantee shall extend for a
further period of one year in respect of microwave
oven magnetron parts only.

2 This Guarantee covers equipment intended for

private domestic use only. This oven is suitable for
domestic food preparation and is not designed for
commercial, industrial or laboratory use. This
Guarantee does not apply to equipment used in
the course of a business, trade or profession. Only
use the microwave oven for cooking, defrosting or
reheating of food. SHARP declines any liability for
damages caused by improper use.

3 This Guarantee does not cover any faults or

defects caused by accident, misuse, fair wear and
tear, neglect, tampering with the equipment, or
any attempt at adjustment or repair other than by a
Service Technician Appointed by Sharp.

Please clean your microwave oven regularly and
remove any stains or fat residues without delay.
Failure to do this may affect the quality and safety
of the product or prejudice your guarantee.

4 In the unlikely event of your equipment requiring

repair, please contact the dealer or supplier from
whom it was purchased. You will need to provide
proof of date of purchase to the repairing
company. Please keep your invoice or receipt,
which is supplied at the time of purchase. Where it
is not possible to contact the dealer or supplier
from whom the oven was purchased, please
contact the telephone number given below. You
will then be given details of how to obtain service.

Telephone: 0345 125387
(All calls will be charged at local rate.)

5 This Guarantee is offered as an additional benefit

to the consumer’s statutory rights and does not
affect these rights in any way.

SHARP parts and accessories have been specifically
designed for SHARP Microwaves.

No liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or
omissions in this publication, although every possible
care has been taken to make it as complete and
accurate as possible.