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Page 10: Caution, Explication of warning symbols, Ec - declaration of conformity, Warranty, Accessories

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Explication of warning symbols




This symbol identifies information that is of vital importance for protecting your health and
. Disregarding this information may lead to health impairment and injuries.

This symbol identifies information that is of importance for the technically correct functioning
of the system
Disregarding this information may result in damage to the instrument or to system components.

This symbol indicates information which is important for proper use and ensuring that the opera-
tions of the instrument are performed efficiently.
Failure to observe this information may result in inaccurate results.

Attention - Note the hazards of magnetism!

Danger - Reference to exposure to a hot surface!

General hazard.



EC - Declaration of Conformity

We declare under our sole responsibility that this product is in compliance with the regulations 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC and con-
forms to the standards or standardized documents: DIN EN IEC 61010-1, -2-010, -2-051 and DIN EN IEC 61326-1.


In accordance with IKA


warranty conditions, the warranty period is 24 months. For claims under the warranty please contact your local

dealer. You may also send the machine directly to our factory, enclosing the delivery invoice and giving reasons for the claim. You will
be liable for freight costs.

The warranty does not cover worn out parts, nor does it apply to faults resulting from improper use, insufficient care or maintenance not
carried out in accordance with the instructions in this operating manual.


• Stirring bars

See catalog

• Bath attachments

See catalog

• Synthesis Attachments

See catalog

• RS 1

Set of stirring bars


PTFE-stirring bar remover

• H 102.1

Protection handle

• H 16 V

Support rod

• H 16.1 Extension

• H 38

Holding rod

• H 44

Boss head clamp


Contact thermometer

H 102

Protective cover (RH basic)

H 103

Protective cover (RH digital)

See more accessories on www.ika.com

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