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RH digital
The heating function is started by pressing the button (G). The

heating plate temperature can be set within the range 50°C

to 320°C in 5 °C increments by pressing the buttons (I) or (H).

The current temperature setting is shown on display and device

operates at this temperature.

The unit has a built-in 600 w heating plate with a stainless steel
surface. The heating plate is kept at a constant temperature by a
control circuit. Two temperature sensors are built into the heating

RH basic

The heating plate temperature is set using the “Temp“ rotary knob
(C) with its associated scale. The scale values range from approx.
room temperature to max. 320 °C. When the setting is 0 the

device heating does not switch on.
When the heating function is activated, the “Heating“ LED (F)
lights up.

Heating function

Setting the safety temperature limit

The max. attainable heating plate temperature is restricted to
360°C by an adjustable safety temperature limit. Once this limit
has been attained, the device stops heating.

The safe temperature limit must

always be set at least 25 °C lower

than the flash point of the media to

be processed!

The temperature set for the heating plate will be at least 25 °C
lower than the safe temperature limit.
Factory setting:

about 360 °C.


Setting the safety temperature limit
After switching on the device, the safety temperature limit (B) can

be adjusted using a screwdriver.

Do not turn the setting screw beyond the clockwise or anticlock-

wise stop. This will cause irreparable damage to the potentiome-

• Using the screwdriver supplied, turn the “Safe Temp” setting

screw (B) to the clockwise stop.

• Use the temperature rotary knob (C) [RH basic] or with the

button (H or I) [RH digital] to set the target temperature to
the desired ”Safe Temp” and wait until this is attained, at which
point the “Heating“ LED (F) goes out.

• Turn the “Safe Temp” setting screw (B) slowly anticlockwise until

the heating function switches off and the indicator lamp (E) blin-
king (RH basic) or the display shows E24 (RH digital)...

• Then, turn the “Safe Temp” setting screw (B) slightly clockwise.
Switch the device off and on again at the main switch (A). After

this, the device is ready to operate.

Controlling the Medium temperature limit via Contact Thermometer

The preferable method for controlling the average temperature is with
the ETS-D or contact thermometer. Adjust set point temperature. After a
brief heat-up period, you will reach set temp. This method provides practi-
cally no temperature drift and only minor fluctuations of temperature.

In addition to precise control function, the adjustable ”MAX-

The stirring bar, whose max. length should not exceed 80mm, is

driven via permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is directly

attached to the output shaft of the motor.

The actual speed depends on the load and the voltage. Please

note that fluctuations within the permissible tolerance of the mains

voltage, and process-based changes to the viscosity of the medium

being stirred, can also cause minor fluctuations in the speed.

RH basic
The motor speed is set using the rotary knob for the motor (D). The

speed setting corresponds approximately to the value in rpm on

the speed scale. Turning the rotary knob (D) clockwise to the stop

sets the motor to run at maximum speed.

RH digital
The stirring function is started by pressing the button (J). The speed

can be set within the range 0 to 2000 rpm in increments of 50

rpm by pressing the buttons (L) or (K). The current speed setting

is shown on the display; this is the speed at which the device


Stirring function

TEMP” function makes the ETS-D a temperature limiter that

has a direct effect on the average temperature. When this

“MAXTEMP” is exceeded, because of a defect in the control

circuit, “safe temp“ or “set point temp“ on RH, the ETS-D

immediately turns off the separate circuit of RH

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