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>100 mm

>100 mm

>100 mm

Safety instructions


Read the operation instructions completely before star-

ting up and follow the safety instructions.

• Keep the operation instructions in a place where they can be

accessed by everyone.

General information
• Ensure that only trained staff work with the appliance.
• Follow the safety instructions, guidelines, occupational health

and safety and accident prevention regulations.

• Socket must be earthed (protective ground contact).

Attention - Magnetism!

Effects of the magnetic field have to be ta-

ken into account (e.g. data storage media,
cardiac pacemakers ...)

Risk of burns!

Exercise caution when touching the housing

parts and the heating plate. The heating plate
can reach temperatures in excess of 320 °C. Pay
attention to the residual heat after switching off.

The device may only be transported in cold condition!
Device design:

Do not operate the appliance in explo-

sive atmospheres, with hazardous subs-
tances or under water.

• Set up the appliance in a spacious area on an even, stable, clean,

non-slip, dry and fireproof surface.

• The feet of the appliance must be clean and undamaged.
• Ensure that the mains power supply cable does not touch the

heating plate.

• Check the appliance and accessories for damage before each

use. Do not use damaged components.

Permissible medium / contaminants / side reactions


Only process and heat media that has a

flash point higher than the adjusted safe
temperature limit that has been set (100
to 360 °C).

The safe temperature limit must always be set to at least 25 °C
lower than the fire point of the media used.

• Beware of hazards due to:

- flammable materials
- combustible media with a low boiling temperature
- glass breakage
- incorrect container size
- overfilling of media
- unsafe condition of container.
• Process pathogenic materials only in closed vessels under a suitable

fume hood. Please contact IKA


if you have any questions.

• Only process media that will not react

dangerously to the extra energy produ-
ced through processing. This also ap-
plies to any extra energy produced in
other ways, e.g. through light irradiation.

• The heating plate can heat up due to the action of the drive ma-

gnets at high motor speeds, even if the heater is not operational.

• Please consider any possible contaminations and unwanted che-

mical reactions.

• It may be possible for wear debris from rotating accessory parts

to reach the material being processed.

• When using PTFE-coated magnetic bars, the following has to be

noted: Chemical reactions of PTFE occur in contact with molten
or solute alkali metals and alkaline earth metals, as well as with
fine powders of metals in groups 2 and 3 of the periodic system



at temperatures above 300 °C - 400 °C. Only elementary flu-
orine, chlorotrifluoride and alkali metals attack it; halogenated
hydrocarbons have a reversible swelling effect.

(Source: Römpps Chemie-Lexikon and ”Ulmann”, Volume 19)

Experimental procedures

• Wear your personal protective equip-

ment in accordance with the hazard

category of the media to be processed.

There may be a risk from:

- splashing and evaporation of liquids,

- ejection of parts,
- release of toxic or combustable gases.
• Reduce the speed if:

- the medium splashes out of the vessel,

- the appliance is not running smoothly,

- the container moves on the heating plate.
• Safe operation is only guaranteed with the accessories descri-

bed in the ”Accessories” chapter.

• Always disconnect the plug before attaching accessories.
• Observe the operating instructions of the accessories.
• Ensure that the external temperature sensor (ETS-D...) is inserted

in the media to a depth of at least 20 mm.

• The ETS-D external temperature sensor must always be inserted

in the media when connected.

• Accessories must be securely attached to the device and cannot

come off by themselves. The centre of gravity of the assembly
must lie within the surface on which it is set up.

Power supply / Switching off
•The voltage stated on the type plate must correspond to the

mains voltage.

•The socket for the mains cord must be easily accessible.
•The appliance can only be disconnected from the mains supply

by pulling out the mains plug or the connector plug.

• The device will automatically restart in

mode B following any interruption to the
power supply. (RH digital)

For protection of the equipment
• The appliance may only be opened by experts.
• Do not cover the device, even partially e.g. with metallic plates


film. This may result in overheating.

• Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and impacts.
• Keep base plate clean.
• Observe minimum distances between devices. Between device

and wall should be 100mm (min), above the assembly

should be

800mm (min).






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