Safety instructions 3 – IKA ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive control User Manual

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For your protection
Read the operating instructions in full before starting up

and follow the safety instructions.

• Follow the safety instructions, guidelines, occupational health

and safety and accident prevention regulations.

• Keep the operating instructions in a place where they can be

accessed by everyone.

• Ensure that only trained staff work with the appliance.
• The instrument must be supervised at all times when in operation.

The instrument must only be operated with

a tube attached; with no tube there is a risk
of injury from the rotating locating pin.

• Hearing protection must be worn when working with BMT-20

or BMT-50 tubes.

Wear your personal protective equipment in

accordance with the hazard category of the
medium to be processed.

Otherwise there is a risk of:

- splashing liquids
- projectile parts
- body parts, hair, clothing and jewellery get-

ting caught.

• Set up the instrument in a spacious area on an even, stable,

clean, non-slip, dry and fireproof surface.

• The feet of the instrument must be clean and undamaged.
• The instrument is not suitable for manual operation.
• The instrument may heat up when in use.
• Check the instrument and accessories beforehand for damage

each time when you use them. Do not use damaged components.

• Ensure that the cover on the tube is screwed on tightly.
• Ensure that the tube is firmly attached to the bayonet lock con-

nector on the drive unit prior to operating the instrument.

• The tube must only be attached and removed while the motor

is stationary.



tubes must always be closed when

the instrument is in operation. Switch off the
instrument immediately if any material leaks
from the tube. Clean the instrument.

• Always open the tube carefully after use as the media in the tube

may heat up due to transfer of energy during operation, lead-
ing to pressurization of the container: risk of material spraying,
protective equipment must be worn.

When handling infectious or toxic sample

materials, do NOT touch the sample, mix-

ture or waste with your hands. Wear gloves
and lab coat and goggles if necessary.

• The temperature of the material must not exceed 40 °C.
• Only use tubes approved by IKA



• Only process media that will not react dangerously to the extra

energy produced through processing. This also applies to any extra
energy produced in other ways, e.g. through light irradiation.

• Beware of the risk of flammable materials.
Do not operate the instrument in explosive atmospheres, with

hazardous substances or under water.

• The instrument doesn’t start up again automatically following a

cut in the power supply.

• Safe operation is only guaranteed with the accessories described

in the ”Accessories” chapter.

For protection of the instrument
• The voltage stated on the name plate must correspond to the

mains voltage.

• The instrument must only be operated with the original plug-in

power supply unit.

• Protect the instrument and accessories from bumps and impacts.
• The instrument may only be opened by experts.

Safety instructions






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