Error message 13, Maintenance 14 – IKA ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive control User Manual

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Activate and hold “Turbo” function in working screen:

Press down „Turbo“ button (F) over 2 seconds when the device

is working, to activate Turbo funtion.

The Turbo mark

appears and changes alternately to indi-

cate that the Turbo function is activated and rotation speed will
increase to 8000 rpm in a short time.

Release “Turbo” button (F).

Turbo function will be stopped and rotation speed will return to

original setting. A symbol appears to indicate that the Turbo
function is stopped. Before this symbol disappears, turbo func-
tion can not be activated again.

Error message


It is possible for the media to become lodged between the cutters
of the DT-tubes. The unit will automatically change the direction
of rotation up to three times in an attempt to free the cutters. The
unit will switch off automatically if this is not possible.

If the device becomes blocked on three occasions within a certain
period of time the following error message will occur:

 Display: Err 1

 An audible signal will be given.

Corrective action: Switch off the device, check contents,

switch on the device.



The drive unit is maintenance-free but not immune from wear. The
carbon brushes of the motor wear down over the time.

For cleaning disconnect the main plug.

Only use cleansing agents which have been recommended by IKA




Cleaning agent


isopropyl alcohol

Construction materials water containing tenside/isopropyl alcohol

water containing tenside/isopropyl alcohol


water containing tenside


water containing tenside

For materials which are not listed, please request information from


application support.

Wear protective gloves during cleaning the instruments.

Electrical instruments may not be placed in the cleansing agent for
the purpose of cleaning.
Do not allow moisture to get into the instrument when cleaning.

Before using another than the recommended method for cleaning
or decontamination, the user must ascertain with IKA


that this

method does not destroy the instrument.

Spare parts order

When ordering spare parts, please give:
- machine type
- manufacturing number, see type plate
- item and designation of the spare part, see,

spare parts diagram and spare parts list.


In case of repair the device has to be cleaned and free from any
materials which may constitute a health hazard.

For repair, use the form supplied or printed copy on the IKA


If you require servicing, return the appliance in its original packag-
ing. Storage packaging is not sufficient. Please also use suitable
transport packaging.

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