Useful facts, 6interfaces and outputs – IKA ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive control User Manual

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Useful facts

Changes in viscosity and volume caused by processing of disper-
sion media may cause small fluctuations in the speed of the device.


Interfaces and outputs

Remote control

The device can be operated in “Remote” mode via USB interface
using labworldsoft


laboratory software. The USB interface is located

on the back side on the device and can be connected to a PC using
the USB cable.

Note: Please note the system requirements as well as the operating

instructions and help section included within the software.

USB Interface

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus system used to connect
the device with the PC. Devices that support USB can be connected
to each other whilst they are running (hot pluggable) and provide
automatic recognition of the connected devices and their properties.
Use the USB interface in conjunction with labworldsoft


for operation

in “Remote” mode.


Connect the device to the PC using the USB data cable. The device will
then transmit information to the Windows operating system to tell which
device drivers are required. Windows will then either:
- Load the driver.
- Install the driver automatically if not already installed.
- Prompt the user to perform a manual installation.
Navigate to


Command syntax and format

The following applies to the command set:

- Commands are generally sent from the computer (Master) to

the device (Slave).

- The device sends only at the computer’s request. Even fault in-

dications cannot be sent spontaneously from the device to the
computer (automation system).

- Commands are transmitted in capital letters.
- Commands and parameters including successive parameters are

separated by at least one space (Code: hex 0x20).

- Each individual command (incl. parameters and data) and each

response are terminated with Blank CR Blank LF (Code: hex 0x20
hex 0x0d hex 0x20 hex 0x0A) and have a maximum length of
80 characters.

- The decimal separator in a number is a dot (Code: hex 0x2E).

The above details correspond as far as possible to the recommen-
dations of the NAMUR working party (NAMUR recommendations
for the design of electrical plug connections for analogue and di-
gital signal transmission on individual items of laboratory control
equipment, rev. 2.9).

The NAMUR commands and the additional specific IKA



commissioning serve only as low level commands for communica-
tion between the tube driver and the PC. With a suitable terminal
or communications program these commands can be transmitted
directly to the tube driver. The IKA


software package, labworldsoft,

provides a convenient tool for controlling tube driver and collecting
data under MS Windows, and includes graphical entry features, for
motor speed ramps for example.

The following table summarize the (NAMUR) commands under-
stood by the tube drive control up to Version 2.9.

Abbreviation used:
m =

Numbering parameter (integer)

X =



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