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Hardware Installation



Hardware Installation

Before using this guide, ensure that you review the instructions in the:

Getting Started Guide—The Getting Started Guide that shipped with the

storage array provides information to configure the initial setup of the system.

• Planning section of the Owner’s Manual—The planning section provides

information about important concepts you should know before setting up

your storage solution. See the Owner’s Manual at


Configuring Fibre Channel With the Dell PowerVault MD3600f Series

Storage Array—This document provides information about configurations,

host bus adapter (HBA) installation, and zoning. See


Planning the Storage Configuration

Consider the following before installing your storage array:

• Evaluate data storage needs and administrative requirements.
• Calculate availability requirements.
• Decide the frequency and level of backups, such as weekly full backups

with daily partial backups.

• Consider storage array options, such as password protection and e-mail

alert notifications for error conditions.

• Design the configuration of virtual disks and disk groups according to a data

organization plan. For example, use one virtual disk for inventory, a second

for financial and tax information, and a third for customer information.

• Decide whether to allow space for hot spares, which automatically replace

failed physical disks.

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