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Post Installation Tasks

Verifying Storage Array Discovery

The Automatic Discovery option automatically discovers both in-band and

out-of-band arrays and adds the storage arrays to the management domain. If the

out-of-band or in-band connections shown on the summary page are not

accurate, complete the following steps. For more information, see the Online


1 Check the hardware and connections for possible problems. For specific

procedures on troubleshooting interface problems, see the Owner's Manual


2 Verify that the array is on the local subnetwork. If it is not, click the new

link to manually add it.

3 Verify that the status of each storage array is Optimal. If any array shows

an Unresponsive status, complete one of the following steps:


To remove the array from the management domain, highlight the

array and then click

Remove link.


To add an array, click New link.
In Linux, click the

Manual button and click OK.

4 If the array still shows an Unresponsive status, contact Dell.

Initial Setup Tasks

1 The name of the first storage array found is displayed in the Devices tab of

the EMW. To see a list of all storage arrays found on the local network,

expand the discovered storage arrays tab in the device pane of the EMW.

2 The default name for a newly installed MD3600f series storage array is

Unnamed. If another name is displayed in MDSM, click the down arrow

next to the name and click Unnamed in the drop-down list.

3 Double-click on the discovered array to launch the array management

window and make changes to the configuration of the array.

4 Click Perform Initial Setup Tasks to see an outline and links to the

remaining post-installation tasks. The array is now ready to be configured.

See the Owner’s Manual for information about each task and to perform

the necessary configuration steps. Table 4-1 lists the recommended

configuration steps that can be accomplished using the Owner’s Manual. Page 24 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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