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Appendix—Working With SFP Modules and Fiber Optic Cables

• You must install the SFP module into a port before you connect the fiber

optic cable.

• You must remove the fiber optic cable from the SFP module before you

remove the SFP module from the port.


When handling static-sensitive devices, take precautions to avoid

damaging the product from static electricity.

Installing and Removing SFP Modules

To install SFP modules:

1 If all the FC IN ports have an SFP module installed, go to step 5.
2 Remove the SFP module from the static protective package.
3 Remove the protective cap from the SFP module and SFP port.


Store the protective caps for future use.

4 Insert the SFP module into the host port until it clicks into place.
5 Connect an FC cable. See "Installing and Removing Fibre Channel

Cables" on page 36.

Figure B-1. Installing and Removing an SFP Module


SFP transceiver


Fiber optic cable


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