Dell POWERVAULT MD3620F User Manual

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Unconfigured capacity comprises physical disks not already assigned to a disk

group. When a virtual disk is created using unconfigured capacity, a disk

group is automatically created. If the only virtual disk in a disk group is

deleted, the disk group is also deleted. Free capacity is space in a disk group

that is not assigned to any virtual disk.
Data is written to the physical disks in the storage array using RAID

technology. RAID levels define the way in which data is written to physical

disks. Different RAID levels offer different levels of accessibility, redundancy,

and capacity. You can set a specified RAID level for each disk group and

virtual disk on your storage array.
For more information about using RAID and managing data in your storage

solution, see the Owner’s Manual at Page 9 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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