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Hardware Installation


Redundancy is established by installing separate data paths between the host

and the storage array, in which each path is to one of the two RAID controller

modules installed in the storage array. Redundancy protects the host from

losing access to data in the event of path failure, because both RAID

controller modules can access all the disks in the storage array.


For detailed information about all cabling configurations including direct

and SAN-attached hosts, cabling for remote replication environments, the use of

zoning, and HBA installation, see

Configuring Fibre Channel With the Dell MD3600f

Series Storage Array, at support.dell.com/manuals.

Cabling PowerVault MD1200 Series Expansion


You can expand the capacity of your PowerVault MD3600f series storage array

by adding PowerVault MD1200 series expansion enclosures. You can expand

the physical disk pool to a maximum of 120 (or 192, if enabled using

Premium Feature activation) physical disks using a maximum of seven

expansion enclosures.

Expanding With Previously Configured PowerVault MD1200 Series

Expansion Enclosures

Use this procedure if your expansion enclosure is directly attached to and

configured on a Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) H800 adapter.

Data from virtual disks created on a PERC H800 adapter cannot be directly

migrated to a PowerVault MD3600f series storage array or to a PowerVault

MD1200 series expansion enclosure connected to a PowerVault MD3600f

series storage array.


If a PowerVault MD1200 series

enclosure that was previously attached

to PERC H800 adapter is used as an expansion enclosure to a PowerVault MD3600f
series storage array, the physical disks of the expansion enclosure are
reinitialized and data is lost. You must backup all data on the expansion


before attempting the expansion.

To attach previously configured PowerVault MD1200 series expansion

enclosures to the PowerVault MD3200 series storage array:

1 Back up all data on the expansion enclosure(s).

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