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Throughout the document, Dell PowerVault MD3600f series storage array

refers to both Dell PowerVault MD3600f and Dell PowerVault MD3620f.

This guide provides information about deploying Dell PowerVault MD3600f

and MD3620f storage arrays. The deployment process includes:

• Hardware installation
• Modular Disk Storage Manager (MDSM) software installation
• Initial system configuration

Other information provided include system requirements, storage array

organization, and utilities.


For more information on product documentation, see

MDSM enables an administrator to configure and monitor storage arrays for

optimum usability. The version of MDSM included on the PowerVault MD

series resource media can be used to manage both the PowerVault MD3600f

series and the earlier PowerVault MD series storage arrays. MDSM is

compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

System Requirements

Before installing and configuring the PowerVault MD3600f series hardware

and software, ensure that the supported operating system is installed and

minimum system requirements are met. For more information, see the

Support Matrix at

Management Station Requirements

A management station uses MDSM to configure and manage storage arrays

across the network. A management station must meet the following

minimum system requirements:

• Intel Pentium or an equivalent processor (1333 MHz or faster) with 512

MB RAM (1024 MB recommended)

• 1 GB disk space Page 7 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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