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Installing MD Storage Software



Installing MD Storage Software

The PowerVault MD series resource media contains software and drivers for

both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
The root of the media contains a readme.txt file covering changes to the

software, updates, fixes, patches, and other important data applicable to both

Linux and Windows operating systems. The readme.txt file also specifies

requirements for accessing documentation, information regarding versions of

the software on the media, and system requirements for running the software.
For more information on supported hardware and software for Dell PowerVault

systems, see the Support Matrix located at


It is recommended that you install all the latest updates available at

The PowerVault MD3600f series storage software installer provides features that

include the core software and providers. The core software feature includes the

host-based storage agent, multipath driver, and MD Storage Manager

application used to configure, manage and monitor the storage array solution.

The providers feature include providers for the Microsoft Virtual Disk Service

(VDS) and Microsoft Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) framework.


For more information about the Microsoft VDS and Microsoft VSS providers,

see the

Owner's Manual at


To install the software on a Windows or Linux system, you must have

administrative or root privileges.

The PowerVault MD series resource media offers the following installation


• Graphical Installation (Recommended)—This is the recommended

installation procedure for most users. The installer presents a graphical

wizard-driven interface that allows customization of which components

are installed.

• Console Installation—This installation procedure is useful for Linux users

that do not desire to install an X-Window environment on their supported

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