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Appendix—Working With SFP Modules and Fiber Optic Cables


To remove SFP modules:

1 Remove the FC cable from the SFP module. See "Installing and Removing

Fibre Channel Cables" on page 36.


To avoid damaging the cable or the SFP module, disconnect the FC

cable before removing the SFP module.

2 Unlock the SFP module latch. For SFP modules that contain wire tabs,

unlock the SFP module latch by pulling the wire latch outward 90°.

3 With the SFP module latch in the unlocked position, remove the SFP

module. For SFP modules that contain wire tabs, grasp the wire latch and

pull the SFP module out of the port.

4 Replace the protective cap on the SFP module and the host port.
5 Place the SFP module into a static-protective package.

Guidelines for Using Fiber Optic Cables

• Do not route the cable along a folding cable management arm.
• For devices on slide rails, leave enough slack in the cables so they do not

bend to a diameter of less than 76 mm (3"), or a radius less than 38 mm

(1.5"), when extended or become pinched when retracted.

• Route the cable away from places where it can be damaged by other

devices in the rack cabinet.

• Do not use plastic cable ties in place of the provided cable straps.
• Do not over-tighten the cable straps or bend the cables to a diameter of

less than 76 mm (3") or a radius less than 38 mm (1.5").

• Do not place excess weight on the cable at the connection point. Ensure

that the cable is well supported. Page 35 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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