Dell POWERVAULT MD3620F User Manual

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Hardware Installation

2 Upgrade the expansion enclosure firmware to the latest version available

at while the enclosure is still attached to the PERC H800

Windows systems users can reference the

DUP.exe package and Linux

kernel users can reference the

DUP.bin package.

3 Ensure that the storage array software is installed and up to date before

adding the expansion enclosure(s).
For more information, see the Support Matrix at


Install the software and driver package included on the PowerVault

MD series resource media.
For information about installing the software, see "Installing MD

Storage Software" on page 19.


Update the storage array RAID controller module firmware and

NVSRAM to the latest versions available at, using

PowerVault MDSM



Click Tools Upgrade RAID Controller Module Firmware in the

Enterprise Management Window (EMW).

4 Stop all I/O and turn off the system and attached units.


Stop all I/O to the array and turn off the host systems attached to the

storage array.


Turn off the storage array.


Turn off the expansion enclosure(s) in the affected system.

5 Cable the expansion enclosure(s) to the storage array.
6 Turn on attached units:


Turn on the expansion enclosure(s). Wait for the enclosure status

LED to turn blue.


Turn on the storage array and wait for the status LED to indicate that

the unit is ready:
• If the status LEDs are solid amber, the storage array is still coming

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