Console installation – Dell POWERVAULT MD3620F User Manual

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Installing MD Storage Software


• Management—Installs the management software and hardware


• Custom—Allows you to select specific components.

5 Select the PowerVault MD storage array model(s) you are setting up to

serve as data storage for this host server.

6 Choose whether to start the event monitor service automatically when the

host server reboots or manually.


This option is applicable only to Windows client software installation.

7 Confirm the installation location and choose Install.
8 If prompted, reboot the host server once the installation completes.
9 Start MD Storage Manager and discover the array(s).


If Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is not used on the

network where the PowerVault MD storage array’s management ports are

connected, it is recommended that you enable IPv6 on the management

station to discover the storage array(s).

10 Configure single initiator and multiple target zoning on your Fibre

Channel switches.

11 If applicable, activate any premium features purchased with your storage

array. If you purchased premium features, see the printed activation card

shipped with your storage array.


The MD Storage Manager installer automatically installs the required

drivers, firmware, and operating system patches/hotfixes to operate your storage

array. These drivers and firmware are also available at In

addition, see the

Support Matrix at for any additional

settings and/or software required for your specific storage array.

Console Installation


Console installation only applies to Linux systems that are not running a

graphical environment.

The autorun script in the root of the resource media detects when there is no

graphical environment running and automatically starts the installer in a

text-based mode. This mode provides the same options as graphical installation. Page 21 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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