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Post Installation Tasks



Post Installation Tasks

Before using the Dell PowerVault storage array for the first time, complete

these initial configuration tasks in the order shown. These tasks are

performed using the MD Storage Manager (MDSM) software.

1 For out-of-band management, you must set the network configuration for

each RAID controller module, including its Internet Protocol (IP) address,

subnetwork mask (subnet mask), and gateway.


You can set the network configuration using a DHCP server.

2 Start MDSM.

• Click

StartProgramsDellMD Storage ManagerModular

Disk Storage Manager Client on Microsoft Windows operating


• Click the

PowerVault MD Storage Manager desktop icon on Linux

operating systems.

• You can also launch PowerVault MD Storage Manager in Linux by

running the following commands at the command prompt:
cd /opt/dell/mdstoragesoftware/mdstoragemanager


3 Go to SetupAdd Storage Array and start the automatic discovery of

systems in the Enterprise Management Window (EMW).


Only storage arrays configured with IP address on the same subnet as

the management stations will be detected.


It may take several minutes for the discovery process to complete.

Closing the Automatic Discovery Status window before this stops the

discovery process.

After discovery is complete, a confirmation screen is displayed.

4 Click Close to close the screen. Page 23 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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