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Page 12: Redundant and non-redundant, Configurations

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Hardware Installation

Connecting the Storage Array

The storage array is connected to a host using two hot-swappable RAID

controller modules. The RAID controller modules are identified as RAID

controller module 0 and RAID controller module 1.
Each RAID controller module has four FCIN (host) port connectors that

provide FC connections to the host or node. Each RAID controller module

also contains an Ethernet management port and a SAS Out port connector.

The Ethernet management port allows you to install a dedicated

management station (server or stand-alone system). The SAS Out port allows

you to connect the storage array to optional expansion enclosures for

additional storage capacity.
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When you connect a host server to a storage array FCIN port connector,

any Out port connector of the host bus adapter (HBA) of the server can be used.

Cabling the Storage Array

You can cable the storage array to host servers with:

• Single path data configuration—A single path configuration allows you to

connect a maximum of eight hosts. This is a non-redundant configuration.

• Dual path data configuration—A dual path configuration allows you to

connect a maximum of four hosts.

You choose the data configuration based on:

• Number of hosts required
• Level of data redundancy required

Redundant and Non-Redundant Configurations

Non-redundant configurations are configurations that provide only a single

data path from a host to the storage array. This type of configuration is only

recommended for non-critical data storage. Path failure from a failed or

removed cable, a failed HBA, or a failed or removed RAID controller module

results in loss of host access to storage on the storage array. Page 12 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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