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Installing MD Storage Software

• Silent Installation—This installation procedure is useful for users that

prefer to create scripted installations.

Installing Host Bus Adapters and Drivers


Ensure that you read the

Configuring Fibre Channel With the Dell MD3600f

Series Storage Array document before continuing with this procedure.

1 Install the host bus adapters (HBAs).
2 Connect the cables.
3 Install the HBA drivers and the operating system HBA patches/hotfixes.
4 Ensure that the recommended HBA settings are applied.

Graphical Installation (Recommended)

The MD Storage Manager application configures, manages, and monitors the

storage array. To install the MD storage software:

1 Insert the PowerVault MD series resource media.

Depending on your operating system, the installer may launch

automatically. If the installer does not launch automatically, navigate to

the root directory of the installation media (or downloaded installer

image) and run the

md_launcher.exe file. For Linux-based systems,

navigate to the root of the resource media and run the autorun file.


By default, Red Hat Enterprise Linux mounts the resource media with the

–noexec mount option which does not allow you to run executable files. To change

this setting, see the Readme file in the root directory of the installation media.

2 Select Install MD Storage Software.
Read and accept the license agreement.
4 Select one of the following installation options from the Install Set

dropdown menu:
• Full (recommended)—Installs the MD Storage Manager (client)

software, host-based storage agent, multipath driver, and hardware


• Host Only—Installs the host-based storage agent and multipath

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