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Appendix—Hardware Cabling Best Practices


If Remote Replication is activated, host port 3 on each RAID controller

module is dedicated for the communication that occurs between the two

storage arrays (primary and secondary virtual disks). If the Remote Replication

premium feature is not being used, these host ports are available for ordinary

host connections.

Cabling for Performance

Data transfer performance is enhanced by maximizing bandwidth, which is

the ability to process more I/O across more channels. Therefore, a

configuration that maximizes the number of host channels and the number

of drive channels available to process I/O maximizes performance. Faster

processing speeds also maximize performance.
In addition to planning a topology that provides maximum performance,

choose a RAID level that suits the planned applications.

Single-Controller and Dual-Controller Topologies

While creating a topology for a RAID enclosure that contains only one RAID

controller module, attach expansion enclosures that contain only one single

environmental services monitor (ESM). Do not attach an expansion

enclosure that contains two ESMs to a single-controller RAID enclosure.

Labeling Cables

Cabling is an important part of creating a robust storage array. Labeling the

cables identifies system components and drive channels. System

maintenance is easier when the cables are correctly identified. Label both

ends of each cable. You can use adhesive office labels that are folded in half

over the ends of each cable. Mark the labels with the port identifiers to which

the cable is connected. Additional information can be provided by using

color-coded cable straps (or ties) to group all cables associated with one

component or drive channel.
If a component fails, the cables must be disconnected, the failed component

replaced, and the cables reattached. Detailed labeling of the cables simplifies

the component replacement process.
If you are adding a new expansion enclosure to an existing configuration,

correctly labeled cables helps identify where to connect the new enclosure. Page 38 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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