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Appendix—Load Balancing

Least Queue Depth With Subset

The least queue depth with subset policy is also known as the least I/Os, or

least requests, policy. This policy routes the next I/O request to a data path

that has the least outstanding I/O requests queued. For this policy, an I/O

request is simply a command in the queue. The type of command or the

number of blocks that are associated with the command are not considered.

The least queue depth with subset policy treats large block requests and small

block requests equally. The data path selected is in the path group of the

RAID controller module that owns the virtual disk.

Changing Load Balance Policies in Windows Sever 2008

Load balancing with the PowerVault MD3600 series is only available for

Windows Server 2008 or later versions of the operating system. You can

change the load balance policies from the default round robin with subset by

using one of the following:

• Device Manager options
• Disk Management options

Changing the Load Balance Policy Using Windows Server 2008 Device

Manager Options

1 From the host desktop, right-click My Computer and select Manage to

open the

Computer Management window.

2 Click Device Manager to show the list of devices attached to the host.
3 Right-click the multi-path disk device for which you want to set load

balance policies, then select


4 From the MPIO tab, select the load balance policy you want to set for this

disk device.

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