Dell POWERVAULT MD3620F User Manual

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Post Installation Tasks



Before configuring the storage array, check the status icons on the Device pane

to ensure that the enclosures in the storage array are in an Optimal status. For more

information on the status icons, see the

Owner’s Manual at

Table 4-1. Initial Setup Tasks Dialog Box



Rename the storage array

To provide a more meaningful name than the

software-assigned label, Unnamed.

Set a storage array password

To restrict unauthorized access. MDSM may

ask for a password before changing the

configuration or performing a destructive


Set up alert notifications
Set up e-mail alerts
Set up SNMP alerts

To notify individuals (by e-mail) and/or

storage enterprise management consoles, such

as Dell Management Console, (by SNMP)

when a storage array component degrades or

fails, or an adverse environmental condition


Configure a storage array

To create virtual disks and map them to hosts. Page 25 Friday, September 9, 2011 11:26 PM

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