Chapter 4: user, Enrolling user, Verifying user – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 800) Manual User Manual

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Enrolling User

Face ID can contain up to 700 face images and 3000 fin-
gerprint templates, 10,000 card users. This section cov-
ers user enrollment for face, fingerprint, card and pass-

Face Enrollment

One face registration would take approximately 30 sec
to complete. The terminal snaps images from of your
face and generates a 3 dimensional template for stor-
age. During enrollment on the Face ID 3, please stand
straight and do not move your face or body, and make
sure that your face is calm with no extreme expression.
For height between 150cm to 180cm, recommended
distance between the Face ID 3 and user is 0.5m.

To enroll face: Press Menu > Add User > User ID > Insert
User ID > Select Face > A green rectangular box will be
displayed on the screen > Align your eye position into
the green box > Adjust your head position to align your
eyes into the green box >repeat 2 times > Face enroll-
ment is complete > Select Privilege > User > Save

Fingerprint Enrollment

It is recommended to enroll two fingers for one user
ID. One template is default and another one is used for
backup. You need to check the quality of the fingerprint
before doing any fingerprint enrollment. It is important

to locate the center points of the finger because the center
points has to be placed in the middle of the scanner during
enrollment to get a good reading. You also have to make
sure that the fingers are not too wet or too dry for enroll-

To enroll fingerprint: Press Menu > User icon > Add > User
ID:1 > Insert User ID > Select Fingerprint > Place your fin-
gerprint 3 times following instructions given by Face ID >
Select Privilege > Save

Card Enrollment

Default card for Face ID is RFID. MiFare and HID card systems
are available upon request.

To enroll card: Press Menu > User icon > Add > User ID:1 >
Insert User ID > Select Card > Wave the card at the scanning
area until the screen displays the Card ID > Save

Password Enrollment

Face ID offers different enrolment methods and password can
be used alone or in combination with other verification meth-
ods. Maximum length of password is 8 digit.

To enroll password: Press Menu > User icon > Add > User
ID:1 > Insert User ID > Select Password > Input password
using the touch keypad > OK > Reconfirm password > OK
> Save