Log settings – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 800) Manual User Manual

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ID cameras during enrollment and verification, you can ad-
just the quality and the recommended value is 80. Menu >
System icon > Face > Quality > Input your value > Save

Log Settings

Every time Face ID is being used, transaction logs are kept in
the memory. The settings are for Face ID to regulate house-
keeping of logs.

Log Alert

When log storage is at a certain level, user/administrator
needs to be alerted to avoid underperformance of terminal.
The recommended value is 99. Menu > System icon > Log
Settings> Log Alert > Input your value > Save

Update Interval

Face ID needs to update transaction logs of all users in a time
interval to avoid duplication of punch period. The default in-
terval is 10 minutes. Menu > System icon > Log Settings>
Dup. Punch Period (m) > Input your value > Save

Defining Work Codes

Face ID provides work code feature which allowing user to
key in a predefined numbers after verification. The work code
numbers are predefined in TCMS V2. The following table is
showing examples of work codes.

Reasons Work


Check In


Check Out


OT start


Done 05

Sick Leave


Half-day Leave


Emergency Leave


Meeting Client


Outstation 21

Workcode Mode 1: Verification followed by work code
Workcode Mode 2: Work code followed by verification

Menu > System icon > Log Settings> Workcode Mode >
Choose your preference > Save. To add work code through
Face ID, please refer to page 21.

Using Card Only

Face ID allows combination of verification methods to
achieve tighter security. This feature concentrates on card
verification. You can enable or disable Card Only feature by
choosing Y or N.

Y – Face ID only reads information from card to verify users.

N – Face ID requires other verification methods following
reading of the card.
Menu > System icon > Log Settings > Card Only > Y or N >