Chapter 11: bell, Definition of schedule bell, Inserting time to trigger schedule bell – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 800) Manual User Manual

Page 26: Determining the ring type of schedule bell, Adjusting volume of the bell, Repetition, State, Bell

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Defi nition of Schedule Bell

Schedule bell is a function to alert employees or users at
a certain time based on your company’s scheduling and
preference. For example, a group of employee’s lunch
time is at 10:30a.m while the other group is at 2:00p.m.
Face ID offers up to 56 schedules you can define.
Menu > Bell > Choose the options that you want to change
and change the value accordingly > Save

Inserting Time to
Trigger Schedule Bell

The screen displays 00:00 as default time. A tap on the time
will prompt the number keypad. Input the time you want
the bell to ring. The time format is 24:00 hours.

Determining the Ring Type of
Schedule Bell

Face ID offers various type of ringtones to choose from. A
tap on the ringtone will change the sound of the bell. Se-
lect the one you prefer.

Adjusting Volume of the Bell

You want it loud or not, it’s up to you. Face ID offers volume
from 0-100, default volume is 60. A tap on the value will
prompt the keypad. Input your volume value to determine
the level of volume you desire.


How many times do you want the bell to ring? A tap on the
value will prompt the keypad. Input the numbers and the
bell will ring according based on your settings.


You can enable or disable the schedule bell with a tap on
Enable/Disable bar.