Chapter 5: system, General settings, Adjusting date/time – FingerTec Face ID 2 (FEM 800) Manual User Manual

Page 17: Date format, Sound of keyboard, Voice, Volume (%), Power key, Display settings, System language

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General Settings

Adjusting Date/Time

Face ID is a terminal to record time attendance and door ac-
cess activities of employees. Precision in time and date can-
not be compromised for the system to work efficiently. Ad-
just Date/Time according to your time zone. Press Menu >
System icon > General > Date/Time > Select Value >Save

Date Format

Date format can differ based on countries for example in
Malaysia, date-month-year while in America month comes
first. Choose your date format according to your prefer-
ence. The default format is dd-mm-yy. Press Menu > Sys-
tem icon > General > Date Format > Select Format >Save

Sound of Keyboard

Face ID emits sound when you press any of its buttons. To
turn on/off the keypad sound: Press Menu > System icon
> Keyboard Beep > On/Off >Save


Face ID has certain voice commands for users to guide user
during enrolment and to notify user during verification. Press
Menu > System icon > General > Voice > On/Off >Save

Volume (%)

Voice Control lets you control the level of volume emitted
by Face ID.

Turn On/Off: Face ID lets you to turn on/off the voice based
on your preference.

Press Menu > System > General > Voice

Prompts > On/Off > Save.

Adjust Volume: Default volume of Face ID voice is 60. The
volume can go as high as 100 and as low as 0. To sustain the
performance of speaker in Face ID, it’s recommended to stay
at range 60-70. To adjust the volume. Press Menu > System
icon > General > Volume 1:100 > Set your number > Save.

Power Key

You can disable or enable the power on/off button to avoid
accidental shutdown of Face ID.

Disable/Enable: Press Menu > System > General > Power Key
> Disable/Enable >Save.

Display Settings

Customize your Face ID display to your liking and require-

System Language

Face ID offers various languages to match your local require-
ments. Maximum of 3 language packs available in Face ID
and it’s set according to your request during purchase. De-
fault language is English. Menu > System icon > Display >
Language > Choose your language > Save