SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

Page 19

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The stitch length dial regulates the length

of stitches. The numbers on the dial ex­

press stitch length in stitches per inch;

the higher the number, the shorter the
stitch. Generally, shorter stitches are best
for lightweight fabric; longer ones for

heavy fabric. The FINE area is used for the

adjustment of zig-zag satin stitching.

Setting the Selector

@ Turn dial so that the stitch length

desired is positioned under the V
symbol on the control panel.

® To shorten the stitch length, turn the

dial clockwise to a higher number.

® To lengthen the stitch, turn the dial

counterclockwise to a lower number.

Stitch Length Dial

For reverse stitching, press the reverse-

stitch push button (located in the center

of the dial) in as far as it will go and hold
in place (the button can be pushed in

while the machine is sewing). Release

pressure on the push button to return to

forward stitching.

{For detailed instructions on adjusting

the stitch length for zig-zag satin stitching,
see page 25.)

Reverse Stitching