Singer sewing, Sewing – SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

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1. Bobbîiîi-V¥indIer Tension Disc regulates thread tension for bobbin winding,

2. Pressure Dial regulates presser-foot pressure on fabric. Has eight numbered settings

and a special setting for darning.

3. Take-up Lever controls flow of needle thread.

4c Presser-Foot Lifter, at back of machine, allows you to raise and lower presser

foot. High-lift position allows easy placement of bulky fabrics.

8c Thread Cutter is built into presser bar for safety and convenience.

6, Needle Ciamp holds single and twin needles and is designed to eliminate the

possibility of inserting needle backwards.

7. Presser Foot holds fabric against feed. The feet snap off for quick removal.

8c Needle Plat® lifts out for easy removal. Guidelines on right and left sides extend to

slide plate to help you keep seams straight.

9c Feed moves fabric under the presser foot.


and Felt. Pin holds thread spools of various sizes. Felt helps thread

unvv/ind smoothly.

Bobbin-WSoder Switch and Bobbin

quickly and easily.

Holder let you fill the bobbin vin’th thread

12c Hand

positions take-up lever and needle. Ai’ways turn it towards you.

13c fiexi-Stitch Dial sets the machine for Flexi-Stitch pattern sewing and varies the

balance oi Ffexi-Stitch patterns in order to obtain desired pattern appearance.

Did! must be set on

0 {off) position when not in use.

14c Sewing Light illuminates the sewing area.

15c Needle-Thread Tension Dial lets you select just the right tension for your stitch,

thread, and fabric. The numbers eliminate guesswork in duplicating settings.

Slide Plate opens for easy removal and replacement of the bobbin, and raises and

iov\/ersthe pin that holds the needle plate in place.