SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

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17. Pattern Selector lets you select plain zig-zag ( § ) or blindstitch ( i ) zig-zag

patterns; also ric-rac ( ^ ) or slant overedge ( ^ ) f/ex/-5f/rc/i patterns.

18. Stitch Width Selector controls the width of zig-zag stitching and positions needle

for straight stitching. Use


setting for straight stitching.

19. Weedle-Position Selector places needle in either left center or right stitching

position. Use center position for straight stitching.

20. Stitch Control Dial allows for a variety of stitch lengths, including FINE for zig-zag

satin stitching. Has special setting F!exi-Stitch pattern sewing.

21. Reverse-Stitch Push Bution lets you reverse stitching direction.

17 Pattern Selector