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You are about to discover the wonderful pleasure of sewing with your new
Sty/ist"^ Zig-Zag Sewing Machine by SINGER. We know you are eager to
get started on a sewing project... but we urge you to become familiar with

this book before you begin. It is designed to help you get the benefit of all
the capabilities of your machine. Especially, we recommend that you keep
the following points in mind :


choose the correct needle and thread for your fabric—if either is the

wrong size or type, you may encounter broken or knotted thread, or

faulty stitching. The Fabric, Thread, and Needle Table on page 10 will

help you make a perfect choice.

sew with a bent or blunt needle. If the needle is damaged—or
improperly inserted in the machine—it can cause skipped
stitches. See page 8 for instructions.

follow the instructions on page 14 for threading the machine.


forget to place the thread properly when you Insert a wound

bobbin. Page 13 tells you how to do this perfectly.

become familiar with the instructions for regulating stitch length

(page 17), presser-foot pressure (page 18), and thread tension
(page 18). Take advantage of the capability of your sewing machine !


allow lint and thread ends to accumulate in the bobbin case

area—they can cause jamming or excessive noise. Clean

your machine regularly, as instructed on page 52.

remember that expert, dependable SINGER* service is always

available. If your sewing machine should require maintenance or

repair, be sure to call your Singer Sewing Center or Authorized Singer

Dealer. You will find the number listed under SINGER COMPANY in

your telephone book.

Above all, (/o enjoy sewing I

Copyright © 1972 THE SINGER COMPANY