SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

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With your Siy/ist sewiiig machine you can sew three Flex/Stitch patterns.

Instructions for both decorative and practical uses of these patterns begin

on page 35.


Ric-Rac Stitch. An open, reinforced zig-zag stitch for heavy-duty stretch

sewing and decorative work.

Slant Overedge Stitch. Lets you seam and overedge in one operation.

Straight Stretch Stitch. A triple straight stitch, indispensable for seam­
ing knit, stretch, and elasticized fabric.


fiexi-Stitch Dial


For Ric-Rac Stitch

For Slant Overedge Stitch

< •

< •


For Straight Stretch Stitch

(at Stitch Width \ )

Setting Pattern Selector

To Sew a Fiexi-Stitch Patterò

Use Red Selector Settings

® Set F/exFSîiich dial on red i .

© Set pattern selector for desired stitch.

Set stitch control dial on red .

® Adjust stitch placement, stitch width,

thread tension, and stitch balance as
instructed on the following pages.

Setting Stitch Pattern Selector

Set the stitch yvidth selector on i before

moving the pattern selector dial.

For Ric-Rac Stitch

© Move pattern selector io^^.

For Slant Overedge Stitch

® Move pattern selector to

For Straight Stretch Stitch

® Any pattern selector setting at stitch

width 1 .