SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

Page 43

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Pin, rather than baste, seams. Place

pins at close intervals at right angles

to the seam line. Pins with colored

heads are easy to see and remove.

Sew in direction of nap.

Stitch with a fairly long machine stitch

(8 to 10 straight stitches per inch) and

use polyester/cotion thread in a size
14 or 16 Style # 2020 needle.

As seam is stitched, smooth pile away
from seam allowance with a darning

needle or upholstery pin.

After stitching seams with a f“inch

seam allowance, use small hand

scissors to shear pile from entire seam
allowance to reduce bulk.

Stitch J-inch pre-shrunk tape into
neckline and shoulder seams for sta-*
biiity and reinforcement or stitch with

the straight stretch stitch.

Leather and leather-look fabrics com­

plement fur fabrics; use them for bound
buttonholes and easy button loops.

Coat hems are less bulky if they are

narrow and finished with a 3-inch

fabric facing or grosgrain ribbon.

Slash through the center fold of darts
and finger-press open, or stitch with a

narrow zig-zag stitch and trim away

excess fabric after stitching.

Deep-Piie Fabrics




® Use a light-pressure dial setting to prevent crushing pile.

# fVlark and baste with silk thread.

® Use a Style # 2020, size 11 needle, and a fine thread for seaming. “A''

sUk or nylon thread is recommended for velvet.
Always stitch in the direction of the nap.

® For unpuckered seams, pin or hand baste together and then stitch under

fight tension (see page 18). Extra-long, straight seams may be machine
basted with a long, wide zig-zag stitch.

© When inserting a zipper, use the blindstiich for an almost invisible finish

(see page 43),

® To sew paoné velvet use a ball-poini needle and a shorier-ihan-normal

stitch length (12 to 15 straight stitches per inch).

Even Feed foot described on page 58 is designed to aid in sewing this fabric.