SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

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€> Do not aítempí ío remove hinges from

cabinet as this may result in damage to

the wood of the cabinet.

® Pull cabinet away from wall to avoid

damage to wall or machine.

Remove machine power-Hne plug from

electrical outlet.

To Reroove iViachioe From Cabinet“

1. Tilt machine back until it rests on

hinges. Remove machine plug from

NOTE: On models equipped with

spring-assist plate (see inset Step 1),
remove screw which fastens clip to
machine. Remove electrical cord from
clip, then replace clip and screw (to
avoid loss of these items).

2. Loosen set screws that hold machine

on hinge pins by turning them counter­

3. Lift machine straight up and off pins.

For ease of removal, stand behind

cabinet when lifting machine.

To Replace Machine in Cabinet:

Reverse the procedure used for removing

the machine.

® Be sure set screws in machine are un­

screwed far enough to clear the open­

ings forthe hinge pins.

© To keep hinge pins pointing up while

replacing the machine, slip an elastic

rubber band around both pins, making

sure the elastic band is over the
shoulder of each hinge as illustrated.

® Be sure set screws are firmly tightened

against hinge pins before lowering
machine into sewing position or into

storage position.

NOTE: On Models equipped with

spring-assist plate, lead electrical cord

into recess at bottom of plate; fit clip
on cord and fasten to machine, as
shown in inset. Step 1.