SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

Page 27

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General Purpose Needle Plate
Special Purpose Foot
Pressure: 2 or 3

1. Turn stitch length selector dial to 25

(the beginning of FINE area).

2. Run machine at a slow speed.

3. Gradually turn the stitch length dial

clockwise until stitches are closely

spaced and form a smooth surface.

Adjostiog Thread Teosiori

Satin stitching requires less tension than

straight stitching or open zig-zag stitch­

ing. Furthermore, the wider the stitch, the
fighter the tension on the thread musí be.

Notice the stitching on your sample. If the

fabric is puckered, lower the needle-
thread tension by turning the tension dial,
to a lower number.

Adjusting Thread Tension