SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

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Turn on power and light switch.

Turn hand wheel toward you to position needle and take-up ¡ever.

Raise needle above fabric before nnaking adjustments to stitch width,
needle position and pattern selector.

Use red selector settings for FlexJ-Stitch pattern sewing.

Start and finish sewing with the take-up lever in its highest position»

Adjust stitch length, pressure, and thead tension to suit your fabric.

Test-stitch on a fabric sample before starting a sewing job.

Replace bent or burred needles.

Lower presser foot before setting pressure dial.

Tighten hand wheel knob and move bobbin winder switch to OFF after
winding a bobbin.

Remove feed-cover needle plate after button sewing and after darning

with an embroidery hoop.

Sew at a moderate speed when using a Flexl-Stitch pattern.


Machine is correctly threaded.

Bobbin case is correctly inserted and threaded.

Bobbin case area is free of lint and loose thread ends.

Needle is straight and securely tightened in clamp.

Thread is suitable for size of needle.

Thread is even and free of knots.

Needle-thread tension is light enough.

Needle-plate needle hole and presser foot are undamaged.

Bobbin and bobbin case are undamaged.

E n j o y S e w i n g !

If you have any questions, please write to;

Department of Sewing Education

The Singer Company

321 First Street, Elizabeth, NJ. 07207