SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

Page 23

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Most fabrics need only to be guided in

front of the presser foot. Some fabrics,

however, require support while being

stitched. Filmy sheers, panne velvet, and
tricots, for example, need to be held taut

in front and back'of the presser foot while

being sewn.

For information on sewing knit and

stretch fabrics with zig-zag stitching,

refer to page 35.

1, Stitch to the fabric edge.

2, Push in reverse-stitch push button and

backstitch 4 inch to reinforce the end
of the seam.

3. Raise presser foot and remove fabric

by drawing it to the back and left.

4. Cut threads on thread cutter at rear of

presser bar.

Gyiding Fabric

Supporting Fabric