SINGER 513 Stylist User Manual

Page 54

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Your machine will serve you perfectly for many years If you take a few
moments of your time to keep it dean. How often you will need to clean the
machine will depend on how often you use it.

CAUTION : Before cieaiiiog your machirie^ disconnect

plug from electrical syppiy.








Remove lint or fluff from exposed parts.

With a soft cloth, clean:

® Tension discs, take-up lever, and thread


© Presser bar and needle bar.

© Bobbin case. (If there is an excessive

amount of lint in the area, remove the

bobbin case for cleaning. See page 54

for instructions.)

© Machine surface. (If necessary, dampen

the cloth and use a mild soap.)

Remove face plate as instructed on page

53, and clean area behind it with a lint
brush t-

Remove needle plate as instructed on

page 7 and, using a brush, clean the

rotating hook area under the needle

plate and slide plate.

After cleaning, apply SINGERS oil at

points indicated on these pages.

Approximately once every year under

normal conditions, clean and lubricate all
moving or rotating machine connections

to ensure freedom of movement and to

protect metal parts from excessive wear.

To remove top and bottom covers, follow

instructions on page 53.

|A lint brush designed for this purpose is available

for separate purchase at your local Singer Sewing