Getting to know your machine – SINGER 2517 Merritt User Manual

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Getting to know your machine


17. Removable extension table

1. Hand wheel

18. Push botton reverse

2. Bobbin winder

19. Stitch lenght dial

3. Horizontal spool pin and holder

20. Presser foot lifter

4. Needle position selector

21. Thread cutter

5. Stitch width lever

22. Slide plate

6. Snap-in thread guide

23. Foot control

7. Bobbin winder tension disc

24. Electrical lead

8. Thread guide

25. Machine plug

9. Take up lever

26. Power and light switch

10. Face plate

27. Bobbin winding indent

11. Needle thread tension dial

12. Thread guides

13. Snap on presser foot

14. Feed system

15. Needle plate

16. One-way needle clamp


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