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Applications with zigzag stitching

Recommended settings

Stitch selection: Zigzag stitch

Needle position: t A ci

Stitch width: To suit fabric
Stitch length: Between 0 and 1

Needle plate: General purpose (A)
Foot: Special purpose (J) (Optional)

• Trim outside fabric edges close to straight stitch outline

of design.

• Set machine as recommended above.

Overedge the design with appliqué stitching. This step

will produce a smooth, lustrous finish that requires no
additional trimming.

stipple quilting

Recommended settings

Stitch: Straight

Needle position: AAA

Stitch width: Straight
Length: 2-3

Stippling is free motion quilting where you hoop the fabric
and guide it by hand cover feed dogs with feed cover plate,

remove presser foot but make sure to lower presser bar.


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