Buttons, Bar tacks, Singer – SINGER 2517 Merritt User Manual

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• Sewing buttons on a cuff or neckband is easy with

free-arm sewing. The sewing arm allows room for
cuffs to slip on without being stretched out of shape,
and you can also see and handle the stitching area
more easily.

See Step-by-Step instructions on page 54.

Bar tacks

• Bar tacks reinforce areas of strain and can be applied

to ready-made garments, as well as to those sewn at

home. Use the free-arm surface to avoid fabric bulk
around the needle when you apply bar tacks to
pockets,pleats and waistlines.

Stitch: Straight and Zigzag

Needle position: t ct cil

Stitch width: 2

Stitch length: 1 to 1.5

Foot: General purpose

First use a straight stitch across the top of pleat or

pocket. Next set stitch to zigzag and stitch over the

straight stitch backstitching at start and end of seam.

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