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Attaching the feed cover (F)

The feed cover is used to keep the feed from moving the

fabric when attaching a button, darning or sewing free-

motion embroidery. To attach it, follow the directions

• Raise needle and presser foot.
• Open slide plate.
• Slide feed cover on top of needle plate, pressing tabs

(1)and (2) into holes.

• Close slide plate.
• To remove, open slide plate and lift front edge of

cover; pull it away.

Changing snap-on presser

feet (B), (D), (J), (L)

• Raise needle to its highest position by turning hand

wheel toward you.

• Raise presser foot using presser foot lifter at back of


• Push toe of presser foot (1) up, until it snaps off the

shank (2).

• Remove foot from machine.
• Place new foot under centre of shank.
• Lower presser foot lifter, fitting shank over presser

foot pin (3).

• Don’t turn screw. Instead, push presser foot screw (4)

down, firmly until foot snaps into place.

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