Installing hose and nozzle – Gasboy 70 Series User Manual

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GASBOY Series 70 & 1820


MDE-4423B Series 70 and 1800 Consumer Elect Pumps Installation/Operation/Parts

July 2005


Cabinet Removal for Installation or Service (Series 1820 Only) - Rounded Cabinet


Remove two screws, one on each side of the cabinet.


Pull front panel assembly forward at bottom. As it clears the pumping unit, lift up to remove.


To replace front panel, engage pins at top in matching holes in rear panel. With front panel
assembly tilted back, pins may be seen through dial opening. Front panel assembly will now
drop back into position.


Reinstall two screws in sides.

Cabinet Removal for Installation or Service (Series 1820R Only) - Squared Cabinet


Remove two screws on lower front of cabinet.


Remove two screws from upper back of cabinet.


Push in and hold the reset button and pivot the cabinet front panel upward until it clears the
button (Be careful not to damage the button). Remove panel.


For calibration or service, remove the lefthand side panel by unscrewing the two screws on
the bottom side of the cabinet.


To reassemble pump cabinet, align side panel screw holes with holes on base of cabinet and
screw tight. Replace the cabinet top and front panel by positioning the back plate and
pivoting the assembly forward. Be sure to press in the reset button until the front panel
clears it. Then replace the screws in the front and back of cabinet.

Installing Hose and Nozzle

To prevent undue stress and possible damage, install hose and nozzle after installation of pump.
Hose must have static wire which provides electrical continuity between hose couplings to
dissipate static electrical charge.

1. Screw the pipe elbow (provided with the pump) into the product outlet on the back of the

pump. Apply gasoline-resistant pipe compound to male threads.


Elbow fitting is not required, however, it provides strain relief for the hose.


Screw the hose into the open end of the elbow and tighten. Apply gasoline-resistant pipe
compound to male threads.


Screw nozzle onto hose.

NOTE: 1820R models are shipped with a vacuum breaker assembly (P/N 032701)

consisting of a tee, pipe nipple and vacuum breaker. This assembly should be
installed in the pump outlet before connecting the hose.

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