Gasboy 70 Series User Manual

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GASBOY Series 70 & 1820


MDE-4423B Series 70 and 1800 Consumer Elect Pumps Installation/Operation/Parts

July 2005

Replacing Bearing and Seal Assembly (Item 26, New Style)

To replace the bearing and shaft seal assembly (26), or service the gear train on back of register
housing (18), remove housing from meter by taking out four screws. NOTE: The meter housing
will be full of liquid so some means should be available to catch what drains from the case and
To remove gears (22-25), remove three retaining rings (20) and drive key (21). Withdraw
the drive shaft and gear (14), spacer (15), and all parts of bearing and seal assembly (26).
Remove the nylon washer from item 26 and note its location. Remove both oilite bearings and
both O-rings from bore in register housing. Using new parts, which consist of a new nylon
washer, 2 oilite bearings, and 2 O-rings, reassembly parts in reverse order. Be sure to lubricate
both O-rings with an O-ring lubricant before assembling.

Reassemble gear train in following sequence: gear (25), key (21), cluster gear (24), retaining ring
(20), control block (22), and retaining ring (20).

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