Gasboy 70 Series User Manual

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MDE-4423B Series 70 and 1800 Consumer Elect Pumps Installation/Operation/Parts

July 2005


Pedestal Mount Pump


Screw 2-inch coupling onto threaded end of 2-inch standard pipe.


Slide cast iron pedestal base up over the unthreaded end of 2-inch standard pipe.


Screw 1-inch suction pipe into install-a-socket. Suction pipe should be long enough to allow
3--inch clearance from bottom of tank. Apply gasoline-resistant pipe compound to male


Insert 1--inch suction pipe into 2--inch pipe and screw install-a-socket into coupling on end of
2-inch pipe.


Assemble union onto lower end of 1-inch suction pipe conforming to your site's piping layout.
Note that the GASBOY base is provided with an opening on one side, so that an elbow can
be used and the suction brought out horizontally aboveground if desired, instead of straight
down through the island.


Slide base down to proper position at the lower end of the pedestal, tighten six set screws.


Screw the 2-inch male thread on the base of the pump into the upper end of the install-a-
socket. Apply gasoline pipe compound to all male threads.

8. Securely mount pedestal base to concrete. If the pump is not securely fastened to the

foundation, supply line leaks at unions and pipe joints may occur.



Conduit section for correct installation of electrical conduit. All underground piping

and swing joints are supplied by the customer. All metallic piping should be at least
Schedule 40 wrapped/coated black steel pipe with extra-heavy malleable iron screw type
fittings. Protect metallic piping in contact with the ground with a properly designed cathodic
protection system.

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