Maintenance and troubleshooting – Gasboy 70 Series User Manual

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MDE-4423B Series 70 and 1800 Consumer Elect Pumps Installation/Operation/Parts

July 2005


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Operating your pump with reasonable care will prolong its life and provide better service. Gasboy
pumps are designed and built to provide years of uninterrupted service; however, certain parts of
a pump are bound to wear. To keep your pump running at maximum efficiency, Gasboy
recommends a periodic inspection at least twice a year.

Remove Water from Tank. After every fill-up, check your tanks for water. Water can
accumulate in both underground and aboveground storage tanks due to condensation or
defective fill openings that are not properly protected with watertight covers. Remove any
water with a sump pump to forestall serious damage to equipment. Water, sediment, and
other foreign matter that accumulates in the tank can be drawn up into the pump and cause

Clean the Dial Face. Use a soft, clean, damp cloth as needed.

Preserve the Pump's Finish. Gasboy pump housings are finished with a coating of
urethane paint. To preserve this finish, thoroughly clean all painted surfaces at regular
intervals with a high grade automobile polish and protect with a coat of paste wax. Do not
use abrasive cleaners or polish. Do not use high-pressure spraying equipment.

Stainless steel cabinets also require regular cleaning, especially in corrosive environments
such as coastal areas. Wash with mild detergent or soap and water followed by a clean
water rinse. Avoid abrasive cleaners which may scratch the finish. Stubborn stains, such as
oil or grease will require a stronger cleaner. DO NOT use ordinary steel wool as iron
particles may adhere to the surface and cause corrosion. Always clean in the direction of the
polishing lines in the steel, never across them. In hard water areas, wipe the surface dry with
a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting. Protect the finish with a coat of paste wax.

Check and Change Filter. If the unit is equipped with a filter, check and change it at regular
intervals. A dirty filter in a pump will cause a slower delivery rate.

Clean the Strainer. Clean the strainer immediately after the pump has been installed and
tested, and again after a few hundred gallons have been delivered. Thereafter, once every
six months, or as required. The symptoms of a dirty or clogged strainer in a pump are slow
delivery, noisy operation, and pulsation.

To clean the strainer, turn off AC power to the pump. Locate the Suction Strainer Cap on the
plumbing unit and unscrew it to access and remove the strainer. Use compressed air to blow
the dirt out of the strainer. Always wear protective safety goggles or glasses when using
compressed air.

Clean the Bypass Assembly. The bypass valve assembly should be removed only for
cleaning and should be checked if there is notable loss in system performance. No
adjustment is required. To remove the valve, turn off AC power to the unit, remove the two
bolts to the bypass cover and lift out the bypass valve assembly.

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